Beats Per Minute

Sparks Fly Through The Air Tonight In ‘Beats Per Minute’

Taiwanese short film ‘Beats Per Minute’ tells the story of two boys who walk a very thin line between friendship and romance. They meet up for the first time in a while to catch up, though their nighttime journey through the city has the undeniable chemistry between them showing up when they least expect it. Keep reading to find out where this fateful night leads!

The Bluebirds Hope For A Future Without Question Marks in ‘VIP Only’ Spin Off

After getting together, Liu Li and Gu Jing plan to meet their parents formally. However, things don’t seem to go smoothly as Gu Jing becomes busy with work for reasons unknown to Liu Li, making the latter extremely worried. Find out what happens when one of the bluebirds appears to stray far in this BLTai recap of ‘VIP Only’ spin-off!

A Broken Heart and Hopelessness Lead to ‘The Fall of the Swift’

A young man prepares to leave the town and his family behind to settle in a place far away from the scrutinizing eyes and judgment of society with his lover. However, things don’t go as planned, and he finds himself trapped in an inescapable situation. Find out what happens next in BLTai’s recap of the award-winning short film ‘The Fall of the Swift‘.


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