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Teenage Crushes and the Mess They Bring in ‘After A Day: Haru’

Looking for a quick GL to watch? This one might be just what you’re looking for. ‘After A Day: Haru’ is a Korean Girls’ Love story told through a 20-minute short film where the titular character, Haru, navigates her way through her feelings and the drama of high school life. How does it go? Keep reading to find out.

Sealing The Deal and Romance in ‘Bump Up Business’ Episodes 7 & 8

With Hyunbin’s assistance, Eden’s first love, J, shows up and takes a bold move by casting him in a well-regarded drama to declare his romantic intentions. As for Eden, he knows he has feelings for Jihoon, but he is afraid of ruining their relationship as ‘Lion Heart’ if he confesses. Will their fake romance ultimately materialize, or will it simply conclude as any other business transaction? BLTai’s summary of the final two episodes of ‘Bump Up Business’ reveals what happens next.

Feelings Go From Reel To Real in ‘Bump Up Business’ Episodes 5–6

As they continue pursuing their dreams and develop a closer bond, Jihoon and Eden share a kiss that Eden later forgets because he was drunk. Meanwhile, someone from Jihoon’s past makes an appearance in the form of Do Hyunbin, who appears to have a complicated friendship with him. Is it really just that, or is there still more to discover? In this BLTai recap of “Bump Up Business,” Episodes 5 and 6, let’s find out!


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