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Unfolding Romance Over a Bowl of Noodles in ‘VIP Only’ Episodes 1–2

Finally, Vidol’s BL series’ third installment has made its way to GagaOOLala! ‘VIP Only’ depicts a story about a writer who is having writer’s block and uses the chef of the restaurant directly below his apartment as a love interest to gain inspiration. From his cameo in ‘You Are Mine,’ with the same character, the series stars Stan Huang alongside Xuan Chen. Will their pretend romance blossom like the stories they’ve read about in fairy tales? Let’s all find out in this BLTai recap of its pilot episodes!

Breaking Bones, Bodies, and Laws in ‘U Loves You’

‘Robots are just robots, not humans. Robots are not allowed to have relationships with humans. Robots are not allowed to make humans sad, only happy’. These fundamental rules apply to every robot that has been made; however, what will happen if a robot meets a human that will enamor her enough for her to break these laws? Let’s all find out in the GagaOOLala original film, ‘U Loves You‘.

Discovering Warmth in the Sunlight Between The Leaves in ‘Komorebi’

A Japanese word that means sunlight leaking through trees, ‘Komorebi’ tells the story of a son who has been keeping not only his sexuality but also his marriage a secret from his own mother. Coming home after a long time, will he finally muster the courage to be himself? Let’s all find out in BL Tai’s recap of this breathtaking GagaOOLala original, ‘Komorebi’.

The President and the Secretary Choose Love Over Everything Else in the ‘You Are Mine’ Season Finale

The second installment of Vidol’s BL series, ‘You Are Mine’ has come to an end. After clearing up all the confusion, Shun Yu and Shang Zhou are ready to formalize their relationship. However, one of Shun Yu’s worries, Shang Zhou’s mother, seems to pose a threat. In BLTai’s recap of ‘You Are Mine’ Episode 10, let’s all find out how the love tale of the cat-like president and his mouse-like secretary ends.

The Miracle Of Love Is Finally Granted in ‘Kiseki: Dear To Me’ Episode 13

After admitting his affections to Ai Di, Chen Yi was shot by an unidentified hitman shortly after. Zong Yi’s high school acquaintance may be seen staring at him and Jhe Reui with such rage. She seems envious of them. Or is there some other deep reason behind her anger? Let’s find out in Kiseki: Dear to Me‘s final episode.


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