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Love Sinks Deep in the Abyss in the True to Life Film ‘Drug Shore’

A young man’s life changes three hundred sixty degrees after one pill. As Fei gets more entangled in a circle he has tried to avoid for so long, he also begins to lose everything he loves. How do you recover from the brutal betrayals of life when everyone has left you behind? In this BLTai summary of the movie ‘Drug Shore’ which is based on a true story, let’s find out.

The Inevitable Parting Finally Arrives in ‘AntiReset’ Episode 9

Following a repair after he shuts down due to receiving love which turns out to be against the nature of his settings, Ever 9 is reminded by Uncle Wei himself that he must soon part ways with Yi Ping, and his reset is coming sooner than expected. Meanwhile, Yi Ping is committed to having Ever 9 by his side at all costs, but is it possible to keep someone who refuses to stay? Let’s find out in BLTai’s recap of ‘AntiReset’ episode 9!

Repair Mends Both the Robot and the Heart in ‘AntiReset’ Episode 8

Just when what they feel towards each other becomes mutual, Ever 9 shuts down for no reason and is rushed to the laboratory. Meanwhile, Yi Ping anxiously waits for Ever 9 to wake up. Will they now have to face the dreaded reset, or is there still hope for a human-robot relationship? Let’s find out in BLTai’s recap of ‘AntiReset’ Episode 8!

Dysfunction Occurs Just As Feelings Finally Connect in ‘AntiReset’ Episode 7

Ever 9 experiences what he knows is jealousy after meeting Holi, and Yi Ping is quick to assure him that he is the one that matters to him. However, his imminent return to Uncle Wei once his training and data gathering are finished looms just around the corner. With the influx of different emotions and human experiences, will Ever 9 continue functioning as programmed? Let’s find out in BLTai’s recap of ‘AntiReset’ Episode 7.

London TV Screenings Witness Warner Bros. Breaking New Ground in LGBTQ+ Genre with ‘Boys Like Boys’ Acquisition

In a landmark move, Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITVP), known for hosting some of the world’s most successful dating franchises like “The Bachelor” and “First Dates,” has announced its acquisition of “Boys Like Boys,” a pioneering queer dating format developed by Taiwan’s Portico Media/GagaOOLala. This acquisition marks WBITVP’s inaugural venture into the queer and gay relationship genre.


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