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The Miracle Of Love Is Finally Granted in ‘Kiseki: Dear To Me’ Episode 13

After admitting his affections to Ai Di, Chen Yi was shot by an unidentified hitman shortly after. Zong Yi’s high school acquaintance may be seen staring at him and Jhe Reui with such rage. She seems envious of them. Or is there some other deep reason behind her anger? Let’s find out in Kiseki: Dear to Me‘s final episode.

Love Conquers All in ‘Kiseki: Dear To Me’ Episode 11

The ghosts of their past continue to follow Zong Yi and Ai Di as they go on with their lives. Zong Yi additionally discovered that Jhe Reui was faking his memory loss. He knows he didn’t forget him, but would he have the guts to face him now? Let’s find out in the eleventh installment of Kiseki: Dear To Me.

Memory Loss Was Untrue in ‘Kiseki: Dear To Me’ Episode 10

Everyone gave up something for each other. To defend the people they loved, Ai Di and Zong Yi entered prison. After four years, nothing remains the same. Since part of the memories are gone, will they be able to rekindle their romance? Discover more in the tenth installment of Kiseki: Dear to Me.

Promises Were Broken in ‘Kiseki: Dear To Me’ Episode 8

Finally, they both express their love for one another. They started making plans for the future. Although they were happy, things didn’t turn out the way they had hoped. Can they overcome these challenging circumstances? Or will they break their promises as a result? Let’s find out in the eighth episode of Kiseki: Dear to Me.

Feelings Were Out Of Control in ‘Kiseki: Dear To Me’ Episode 6

Zong Yi experienced mixed emotions in response to Jhe Reui’s unexpected return to his life. Nevertheless, he immediately allowed him inside. But what if Jhe Ruei is similarly confused? Can they control their feelings for one another? Let’s find out in the sixth episode of ‘Kiseki: Dear to Me.’

Unexpected Occurrences Take Place in ‘Kiseki: Dear To Me’ Episode 4

Zong Yi was left alone by Jhe Reui without a last farewell. After that, he felt alone, and even though Zong Yi was counting the days, he never imagined that he would see him again in a different light. Will he now actually continue to be in his life? Or will he depart without another farewell? Let’s find out in the fourth episode of ‘Kiseki: Dear to Me‘.

Separation Takes Place in ‘Kiseki: Dear to Me’ Episode 3

After their disastrous encounter in the previous episode, Jhe Reui and Zong Yi become good friends while living together, and one morning, Jhe Reui kisses Zong Yi. Will this signal the beginning of a blossoming romance? Or will there be an emotional separation as a result? In the third episode of “Kiseki: Dear To Me,” let’s find out.


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