5 Sapphic Shows Axed Way Too Soon

So many amazing queer stories have graced our screens in the last couple of years. But despite the growing roster of queer narratives, there have been numerous cancellations of sapphic shows that left us all devasted. No matter how short their life is on streaming, however, these gems deserve to be seen and no less should be celebrated on International Women’s Day.

Broken Hearts Era: Top 5 “Divorced” BL Ships

BL pairings tend to come and go over the years. Some have stood the test of time, like TayNew shocking the BL world with their ‘Cherry Magic’ comeback, or OffGun still going strong with countless new series even after years of being paired together on-screen.

Only Friends

3 More of The Hottest ‘Only Friends’ Scenes So Far

If you’ve read our last article on the hottest scenes from ‘Only Friends,’ you might enjoy this follow-up list! The series has only gotten steamier ever since so here are some of the hottest scenes we’ve gotten!

Top 3 ‘Hidden Agenda’ Moments That Left Viewers Shocked

‘Hidden Agenda,’ Joong Archen and Dunk Natachai’s ongoing BL series, has had quite a few twists and turns in the plot that made it so much more than just a story about falling for someone while they help you win someone else’s heart that the trailers implied it would be.

Star In My Mind

OurSkyy 2 x Star In My Mind Ep 2: An Expression of Love

The second episode of OurSkyy 2 x Star In My Mind builds upon the previous episode’s plotline of Kluen wanting to express how much he loves Daonuea. The couple, alongside Typhoon, Sean, Maitee, and Nay, who was absent from the previous episode, take a trip to Chiang Mai.


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