The Fear of a Reboot Looms in ‘AntiReset’ Episode 5

Ever 9 experiences the normal life of a human as he attends a class at Yi Ping’s university and also gets to see the Lake of Confession, which ends in an unexpected kiss between the two, or, in their words, a teaching experience. However, the ever-cautious Yi Ping realizes that what he has towards his robot might not be what he should be feeling and begins to question himself. In BLTai’s recap of ‘AntiReset’ Episode 5, find out what happens next.

The Robot Attempts to Experience a Human Life in ‘AntiReset’ Episode 4

Yi Ping begins to feel comfortable living life with Ever 9, despite Uncle Wei’s constant reminder that the latter is just like a computer that will be broken and replaced in time. He also finds out that Ever 9 has a locked-in feature intended to meet the owner’s special needs, if any, and can’t seem to get it out of his mind. As Ever 9 continues to settle his place in Yi Ping’s life, an unexplainable feeling towards each other starts to grow. Find out what happens next in BLTai’s recap of ‘AntiReset’ Episode 4.

Learning How It Feels to Live With A Robot in ‘AntiReset’ Episode 3

In last week’s pilot episode of ‘AntiReset’, we meet Yi Ping, a history teacher who gets injured and is given an AI robot in the form of Ever 9 to take care of him in the meantime. Although initially against the idea of having to live with someone who assists him and calls him Master, Yi Ping finds the innocent and diligent Ever 9 so much to his liking that he even gets wet dreams of him. Will his current situation be beneficial to He Jing’s robot development, or will he be attached to a non-human being, as he fears?

Romance Boots Up in the Form of an AI in ‘AntiReset’ Episodes 1-2

We are down to the last installment of Vidol’s BL series that started last year! Starring Leo Huang and Ping Chen Wu, ‘AntiReset’ revolves around an injured history teacher, Yi Ping, who is given an AI robot in the form of Ever 9 to test and train. As the two spend time together, they not only learn how to care for and communicate with another being, but they also discover how to love. See what transpires in this BLTai recap of the ‘AntiReset’ episodes 1 and 2. Does love outweigh science and research?


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