Monster Next Door
WATCH: When Introvert and Extrovert Clash in the Neighborhood, Love Sparks in ‘Monster Next Door’
WeTV Thailand, in partnership with Kongthup Production, just released the pilot trailer...
LOOK: A Vampire Opens a Shop in '1000 Years Old' Episode 3 Stills
Pun bought the pork blood soup shop and opened it as his own business on the top...
Love is Better the Second Time Around
GagaOOLala To Feature ‘Love is Better the Second Time Around’; Premieres March 6
LGBTQ+ BL global media hub GagaOOLala announced plans to feature the newest Japanese...
Ossan's Love Returns
A New Life And Borrowed Life in 'Ossan's Love Returns' EP7
Haruta and Maki finally got married! Although it’s good news for the newlyweds,...
BBQ Boy The Series
LOOK: THAM Studio19 Announces its First-Ever BL ‘BBQ Boy The Series’
THAM Studio19, a prominent Thai production company, has recently unveiled exciting...