Finding Redemption Amidst the Chaos Painted on ‘The Wall’

After ending a long-term relationship, Eva paints the wall in an attempt to take back control of their once-shared house and herself. An emotional expression of struggle, pain, despair, and finding the strength to move on follows. This BLTai recap of the US lesbian film ‘The Wall’ tells you what occurs in the painted mess.

A Refreshing Romance is Brewing in ‘Scented Tea’

A chase for a missing boyfriend leads to a confession between two friends in an unprecedented manner. In this Chinese sapphic film, Hua embarks on a search for her boyfriend, Jack, with the help of her good friend, Cha, who may or may not be the reason behind Jack’s disappearance. Find out what happens next in BLTai’s recap of ‘Scented Tea‘.

Girls & The Party

Dressing Up for Love with ‘Girls & the Party’

The night is young and so are Mercedes and Julia. As they get ready for a night out, the two best friends tip-toe the line between friendship and something more in the French short film, ‘Girls & the Party’.

Learning How to Protest in ‘Alfi’

A young lady decides to stand up for her beliefs by joining an animal liberation group. There, she meets an older activist who will teach her something that she has never experienced before in addition to teaching her how to protest for the causes she supports. See what transpires next in BLTai’s ‘Alfi’ recap.

A Mother’s Love Goes Beyond Change in ‘Now, Daphne’

Gathering the courage to see the family she once parted ways with twenty years ago, Daphne goes to a town where the people mysteriously seem to know her despite her not giving out her name. However, things will not go as well as she wishes them to. Will Daphne find her way back, or did the twenty years that passed completely bury her chance to seek the parental love she has always longed for? Let’s find out in BLTai’s recap of ‘Now, Daphne’.

All Hell Breaks Loose for Love in ‘Chaser Game W: My Evil Boss Is My Ex-Girlfriend’ Season Finale

Kou finds out that Fuyu and Tsuki are in a relationship and confronts her about it. At the same time, Nanase and the rest of the team try to look for Zhang Shuli in hopes of salvation for the game development of Tennyo Sekai. Meanwhile, as Fuyu tries to investigate the root of Ro and Aoyama’s alliance, she finds out that he has always had romantic feelings for her. When all hell breaks loose, will you choose love over everything else? Let’s find out in the season finale of ‘Chaser Game W: My Evil Boss Is My Ex-Girlfriend’


Love Defying Time in ‘Mai’

Does true love never really die? In the Spanish Short Film ‘Mai’, three old women ruminate on love, adolescence, and society while two mysterious young girls stroll and lounge in the countryside. 

Betrayals Follow Betrayals in ‘Chaser Game W: My Evil Boss Is My Ex-Girlfriend’ Episode 7

The identity of the spy within the team is revealed, and it’s not someone that Fuyu and Itsuki have suspected. Meanwhile, Itsuki also finds a possible alliance between Ro and Aoyama, the person who has always had a complicated relationship with her and Fuyu. As we draw nearer to the conclusion, all the lies and betrayals are just about to be unraveled. Find out what happens next in BLTai’s recap of ‘Chaser Game W: My Evil Boss Is My Ex-Girlfriend’ Episode 7.

Revealing the Spy’s Identity In ‘Chaser Game W: My Evil Boss Is My Ex-Girlfriend’ Episode 6

Fuyu’s husband finally returns and reclaims his place in their home. Meanwhile, Itsuki witnesses Ro embarrass Fuyu in front of everyone, prompting her to push her, which ends in an injury. As issues about the game and everything they have worked on start to come one after another, Fuyu begins to suspect that there is a spy within the team. Will Fuyu find out who the spy is and just what this person is after? Let’s find out in BLTai’s recap of ‘Chaser Game W: My Evil Boss Is My Ex-Girlfriend’ Episode 6.


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