Vietnamese Production House O2 Production To Halt Operations in 2024

Is ‘O2 Production’ on the verge of closure next year? O2 Production is a production company based in Vietnam that was established by Ho Si Hau, the director of ‘Mr. Cinderella Seasons 1 and 2’, ‘The Lost Ring’‘, on December 6, 2014. Since then, the company has produced notable drama series such as ‘Vian’, ‘Love Bill’, ‘The Nation’s Brother’, and the two titles mentioned above. However, the profit turnover is too low, and the production cost is quite expensive. The director also added that he uses his own money just to maintain the company’s activities. Furthermore, he also thanked all


SYNOPSIS: After his lover commits suicide after contracting HIV from him, Thien, a seropositive gay man isolates himself from society, lets his health go and prays daily for forgiveness of his guilt. Little does he know that his prayer has been secretly answered in the form of a young stranger whom he encounters and who stays with him despite knowing his health status.  


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