My Love Mix-Up TH

3 Ways ‘My Love Mix-Up TH’ Puts A Spin On Familiar Storylines!

‘My Love Mix-Up TH’ is staying true to its name by mixing things up with every new episode! Anyone who thinks the Thai adaptation isn’t worth watching since it just tells the same story as the Japanese adaptation couldn’t be more wrong! Here’s a list of three ways the Thai adaptation has kept things fresh for viewers already familiar with the other live-action adaptation!

the heart killers

‘The Heart Killers’ Camera Is About To Turn On!

It’s almost time for ‘The Heart Killers’ to begin filming! Director Jojo Tichakorn, known for his work on series such as ‘Dirty Laundry’ and ‘Only Friends’ shared on social media that filming is set to begin this week!


BREAKING: GMMTV Announces Perth Thanapon’s New BL Pairing!

Perth Thanapon has a new BL screen-partner! Following Chimon Wachirawit’s departure from the series ‘Perfect10 Liners’ due to mental health-related reasons and the subsequent dissolution of the PerthChimon pairing, fans were left wondering who Perth would be acting alongside instead of Chimon in the upcoming series. GMMTV finally cleared things up in an announcement about Chimon’s projects!


How ‘My Love Mix-Up! TH’ Creates Its Own Identity – 3 Differences Between The Japanese And Thai Live-Action Series

‘My Love Mix-Up!’, also known as ‘Kieta Hatsukoi’, has two live-action adaptations based on the original manga. With the Thai adaptation coming after the Japanese one, you may think there’s no point in watching it if you’ve already seen the first one. That couldn’t be further from the truth, though, since the Thai adaptation is more than capable of standing on its own! Here are three of the many ways it does this from its first three episodes!

only boo

Goodbye Only Boo!: Cast And Crew Share A Final Round Of BTS Content

After 12 weeks, ‘Only Boo!’ has finally come to an end. This adorable BL series had a lot to love with its abundance of charm, lovable characters, and riveting romantic plotlines and now that it’s over, the cast and crew have given us some more behind-the-scenes content to remember it by. Let’s take a look!

my love mix-up th

BL Review: ‘My Love Mix-Up TH’ – A Fresh New Take On The Iconic BL

‘My Love Mix-Up TH’ is finally here! Gemini Norawit and Fourth Nattawat are also back on screen as a couple for their third project together, making this an exciting time for their fans! If you’re on the fence about starting this show, BLTai is here to help! Keep reading to see what we think about the series and to determine if it’s right for you!   พูดได้ไหมว่าสิ่งนี้มันน่ารักมั่ก🤌#MyLoveMixUpTHep2@gemini_ti @tawattannn — GMMTV (@GMMTV) June 14, 2024 Gemini and Fourth are coming from their incredibly well-received performances from ‘Moonlight Chicken’ and ‘My School President’, so it should come as no surprise that

GMMTV’s Ongoing BLs: Which One Is The Best?

Out of all these series, only one can come out on top! GMMTV, one of Thailand’s biggest producers of BL content, shows no signs of slowing down with four ongoing BL series right now! Of course, though, we don’t have unlimited time, so you may be wondering which one is best. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Let’s take a look at each of these series to help you decide which ones you want to watch!


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My Love Mix-Up TH
3 Ways ‘My Love Mix-Up TH’ Puts A Spin On Familiar Storylines!
‘My Love Mix-Up TH’ is staying true to its name by mixing things up with every new...
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