I Am that I Am

SYNOPSIS: An exploration of intimacy. I AM THAT I AM stages real people with differing sexual identities, paths, aspirations, who all share one common point. They have let go of the fear of judgment to embrace sex as a space of exploration that makes them feel so alive, free and empowered. Sex as a place to meet and find themselves. Sex as a sense of healing.  

I Don’t Know (Je Sais Pas)

SYNOPSIS: Three longtime friends ponder embarking on a threesome, but it will reveal much more than they thought. Will they go through with it? I don’t know.

Auto da fé

SYNOPSIS: Amnon’s routine is disrupted when he takes care of porn star Danny Jokcs’ car. The vehicle waits for its owner who does not to return, and Amnon begins to look at the car as his head fills with fantasies.  

Swan in the Center (Swan dans le centre)

SYNOPSIS: In a deserted shopping center, Swan, a junior consultant, navigates the empty hallways in search of clients and salespeople willing to participate in her survey. As days and encounters go by, desire gets in her way.    

Beautiful Stranger (de Benjamin Belloir)

SYNOPSIS: One night, in a hotel room, Romain, an overworked thirty-something, has just been dumped by his long-term boyfriend. Seeking solace, he logs onto a dating app and is confronted by a devil-may-care operator and an obstinate Don Juan.  

Holiday Camp

Getting to Know Oneself in ‘Holiday Camp’

‘Holiday Camp’starts out with two girls, Benedicte (played by Emylou Brunet) and Muriel (Laura Boujenah) gushing about Jordan (played by Alexis Michalik), a counselor at the ‘Holiday Camp‘. Find out more about this French short film on BLtai’s recap!


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