Girls & The Party

Dressing Up for Love with ‘Girls & the Party’

The night is young and so are Mercedes and Julia. As they get ready for a night out, the two best friends tip-toe the line between friendship and something more in the French short film, ‘Girls & the Party’.

A Mother’s Love Goes Beyond Change in ‘Now, Daphne’

Gathering the courage to see the family she once parted ways with twenty years ago, Daphne goes to a town where the people mysteriously seem to know her despite her not giving out her name. However, things will not go as well as she wishes them to. Will Daphne find her way back, or did the twenty years that passed completely bury her chance to seek the parental love she has always longed for? Let’s find out in BLTai’s recap of ‘Now, Daphne’.

The Guest

Is ‘The Guest’ A Quick Fling Or A Long-Term Flame?

‘Mon Invité’, or ‘The Guest,’ as it is also known, tells the story of a chance romantic encounter between Alex and Theodore in Paris, the city of love. What was supposed to be a simple temporary housing situation during Theodore’s stay in the city quickly developed into something more during his short 3-day stay. How did things go? Keep reading to find out.

I Am that I Am

SYNOPSIS: An exploration of intimacy. I AM THAT I AM stages real people with differing sexual identities, paths, aspirations, who all share one common point. They have let go of the fear of judgment to embrace sex as a space of exploration that makes them feel so alive, free and empowered. Sex as a place to meet and find themselves. Sex as a sense of healing.  

I Don’t Know (Je Sais Pas)

SYNOPSIS: Three longtime friends ponder embarking on a threesome, but it will reveal much more than they thought. Will they go through with it? I don’t know.


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