I Am that I Am

SYNOPSIS: An exploration of intimacy. I AM THAT I AM stages real people with differing sexual identities, paths, aspirations, who all share one common point. They have let go of the fear of judgment to embrace sex as a space of exploration that makes them feel so alive, free and empowered. Sex as a place to meet and find themselves. Sex as a sense of healing.  

Are We There Yet?

SYNOPSIS: When two contrasting personalities are thrown into a new world of constant cohabitation, under the creeping clouds of mortality, they are left to navigate through an important life decision together – revealing the truth of their relationship to a parent figure.

Puzzle in the Palm (手のひらのパズル)

SYNOPSIS: “After dating for a year and a half, Risa and Takumi decide to live together. As they began to think about marriage and their shared time with each other, they gradually noticed a certain gap in their relationship. Risa’s feelings change due to an incident with Mako, a female friend with whom Risa had consulted about marriage.”  

Skin to Skin

SYNOPSIS: An experimental documentary-fiction hybrid exploring the beautifully messy relationship between intimacy and LGBTQ+ hook-up culture.  

I Don’t Know (Je Sais Pas)

SYNOPSIS: Three longtime friends ponder embarking on a threesome, but it will reveal much more than they thought. Will they go through with it? I don’t know.

Today, You Are You (吾家有男初長成)

SYNOPSIS: Tyler started his transgender journey when he was 18. Now, he has transformed into a young man. When the body and the soul finally align, could the suffering from the past be healed? How will the family look upon this born-again grandson, son, brother, and boyfriend?    

E Vissero

SYNOPSIS: A colorful and lively short film about asking uncomfortable questions in a daft and funny way. It depicts a conversation between two boys, Merry and Happy, during which they explore the themes of freedom, prejudice and social scrutiny.  


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