E Vissero

SYNOPSIS: A colorful and lively short film about asking uncomfortable questions in a daft and funny way. It depicts a conversation between two boys, Merry and Happy, during which they explore the themes of freedom, prejudice and social scrutiny.  

Pure (La vita sarebbe più semplice senza)

SYNOPSIS: Love, hate, desire and jealousies are in the middle of a couple, that of Andrea and Fabrizio, who question the certainties of their relationship and their feelings.  

The Neighbor (Prossimo Tuo)

SYNOPSIS: Riki and Luca, two young individuals searching for their place in the world, find solace and love in each other’s embrace. Their journey takes a dark turn when they become targets of relentless bullying by a group of peers. Despite their resilience, a tragic incident leaves Luca hospitalized, his life hanging by a thread. In the aftermath, their once pure love transforms into a complex relationship, marred by power struggles and resentment from Luca’s grieving parents.  


SYNOPSIS: Letizia, a young 16-year-old boxer, lives with her mother in a small town just outside Milan. After losing her job, her mum decides to move to Rome where she can be supported by her parents and of course decides to take Letizia with her. The film concentrates on the last few days before Letizia moves away, paying particular attention to the relationship she has with Clara: an older girl who trains in the same gym as her. Just when she has to leave, Letizia is forced to reflect on how important this relationship with Clara is for her. ☆

For The Time Being

Synopsis: Roman’s relationship with his wife seems to be coming to a close, and her departure has left him in a downward spiral. In order to make ends meet, he decides to sublet a room in his house. The first person to show up is Mel, a sunny and cheerful man, who moves in. Mel’s appearance in Roman’s life brings about all sorts of changes, making Roman question who he is and how he wants to live his life, and most importantly, what is it that he really needs?   ☆ You’re the one who makes me see myself for


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