Courage Leads to Believing in Love Once Again in ‘Stay Still’ Episodes 4-6

In the old tenement he recently moved into, Hayden, who is getting over a recent breakup, meets Damien. An attraction develops between the two right away, despite the fact that he only knows him as the grandson of the elder woman he helps climb the stairs every now and then. In the meantime, Archie begins an illicit relationship with his former high school sweetheart, Kelvin. When the stakes for love are high, will you take a risk or will you stay still? Check out BLTai’s recap of the previous three episodes of ‘Stay Still’ to find out!

A Chance Encounter in an Old Tenement Sparks New Beginnings in ‘Stay Still’ Episodes 1-3

At last, Hong Kong’s latest BL is now here on GagaOOLala! ‘Stay Still‘ is a six-episode series with two couple storylines that will make you nostalgic for your first love and strong family ties. When two strangers move into the city, one of them meets a former lover, and the other meets a person who will help heal his wounded heart. Will these chance encounters make them regret things they can never undo, or this time, stay still? 

Stay Still (樓下來的人)

SYNOPSIS: Hayden, who has just moved to a new place, coincidentally helps Damien’s grandmother and meets Damien in the process. The two individuals, who had no connection before, start a complicated relationship after an unexpected kiss. Archie reunites with his high school sweetheart, Kelvin, who is now married. However, they disregard their circumstances and rekindle their love.

Delivery Boy (外賣仔)

SYNOPSIS: Local delivery boy Chun Ho falls in love after delivering dumplings to Eric, an expat businessman living in Hong Kong. Yummy Chinese food and cheesy 70s music bring them together, but the class gap that separates them eventually gets in the way.   ☆ Your delivery is on the way, along with an extra side of romance!

Live On Without Me (生者如斯)

SYNOPSIS: Divorced café owner Kayan lives with her daughter Tung Tung. Her life is renewed after meeting her lesbian partner Shuting who becomes part of the loving family. When Kayan dies in a tragic car accident, the grieving Shuting wants to continue taking care of Tung but encounters strong opposition from Kayan’s mother. At Kayan’s funeral, due to social norms and taboos, Shuting is completely sidelined and stripped of the privilege to bid farewell to the love of her life. She faces yet another dilemma, having to make the decision to do what is best for Tung Tung.   ☆


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