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Please Tell Me So (말해줘)

May 1, 2023


One day while Yoo Kyum is working at a coffee shop, a handsome customer named Seung Woo comes in. Getting a closer look at Seung-woo, his look and behavior is exactly the kind of guy that Yoo Kyum is looking for. Whether he’s reading a book with his glasses on, enjoying a dessert, sipping freshly brewed coffee, or even the mysterious scar on his arm, he catches Yoo Kyum’s eye, and he decides to make the first move!

☆ Heaps of public praise! A cute short film that you can’t stop replaying and replaying!

☆ Han Hyun Jun from the Korean BL drama “Love Class” shows off his cute self once again, using a coffee to flirt with his dream guy.