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Marry My Dead Body (關於我和鬼變成家人的那件事)

February 10, 2023

Marry My Dead Body


‘Marry My Dead Body’ tells the story of a homophobic and ghost-phobic straight policeman Wu Ming-han (played by Greg Hsu) who picks up a red envelope while investigating a case. Unaware of what the envelope holds, he meets the ghost of an old woman who is reluctant to accept that her grandson dies before his marriage. Just then, he sees the ghost of Mao Mao (played by Austin Lin) who died in an accident just as he was discussing marriage with his boyfriend. Mao Mao’s grandmother proposes a ghost marriage and Wu Ming-han is forced to get married to Mao Mao. Though he declines until the end, he cannot let go of Mao Mao’s ghost, and bad luck continuously happens to him — including messing up the anti-drug case policewoman Lin Tzu-ching (Gingle Wang) has been working on. The only way to cut off his ghost marriage is to help Mao Mao find the culprit behind his death, thus starting their journey as “husbands” filled with absurdity, laughter, and tears.

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February 10, 2023


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