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Gaze In Silence (寂寥無聲的凝視)

May 9, 2023


Yan Xin is an ordinary white-collar worker who prefers to have sexual relationships with different guys. Yun Fei is a stalker, for whom pursuing, taking pictures and prying into others’ private lives is his biggest hobby. One day, Yun Fei becomes curious about Yan Xin and starts to follow him. During an encounter, Yan Xin meets a pervert and his physical safety gets threatened. After witnessing the encounter, what will Yun Fei do?

☆ New director Huang Hao Liang skillfully examines diverse gender issues and analyzes gay me’s desire for physical intimacy.

☆ Lin Shu Han, a nominee for Best Newcomer at the Golden Bell Awards, delivers a revealing performance.